Our Vision

For many years we have been acting in a sustainable way to save our region with its wonderful nature and biodiversity. We are always looking for sustainable alternatives and try to be up to date.

Also the economy of our region with its many interesting and high quality products is very important to us. To help regional providers we already have different cooperations so that we can offer our guests a comprehensive repertoire of regional products.

We hold on to our ideals and always try to improve ourselves to make our everyday operations more and more sustainable. Our vision is to save our unique regional nature & culture for the next generations.

Arrival & Movement

  • We have a well-developed public transport system, so the guests can reach the hotel by train (DB-Deutsche Bahn), tram or bus (DVB – Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe). Tip: With public transport you only need 30 minutes from the hotel to the Dresden city centre.
  • We rent bicycles
  • We can charge electronic cars via a power cable

Rooms & Hotel

  • Our rooms are equipped with flow restrictors as well as energy-saving lamps (in our restaurants we have LEDs)
  • We have a cogeneration unit – so we can produce our own electricity and heat

Breakfast & Restaurants

  • Homemade and regional products
  • Special: our menu from the Kaminrestaurant only includes meals made from 100% regional products
  • Our dispensing system helps us to reduce packaging waste
  • We took part in “Ökoprofit” so we learned how to save resources and reduce waste, e.g. our organic waste is reused for pig feed