Highlight of Saxony

Dresden as a common masterpiece

impresses its visitors with a myriad of wonderful buildings and art pieces as well as with a whole palette of various museums.

The Dresden Old Town is located barely 30 minutes away from Pillnitz. Leave your car in the car park at the hotel and take advantage of the public transport means (ferries, tramways, buses) which shall take you up to the Old Market Square. On request, we can offer you our VIP-Shuttle service or lend our comfy bikes to you so that you can easily get back to the hotel or go further to explore the Elbe river with its fabulous surroundings.


Don’t forget to explore all of what Dresden has to offer. Apart from Zwinger and the Castle, you should also see the Frauenkirche from the 18th century which – destroyed in World War II – was renovated in 2005, becoming one of the top monuments in the city afterwards.

So much to enjoy

Apart from the well-known attractions and museums, Dresden has so much to offer, indeed. For instance, the „Festung Dresden“ – a fortress under the Brühl’s Terrace where you shall come across the 400-year-old brick gate, the last remaining city gate to the former residence of the Saxon kings. If you feel like exploring the city from a new and original point of view, however, try climbing the local towers. They will pamper your eyes with fantastic views of the Old Town. Think about the dome entrance to the Frauenkirche Church, the Hausmann Tower or the Cross Church Tower! Another much admired and adored attraction are the embankments of the Elbe river, taking you from Dresden by Pillnitz right to the Sandstone Mountains. Trips to the Porcelain City of Meißen are also very popular.


Dresden offers you a whole myriad of various museums:

The impressive sandstone background of the Zwinger Palace hides many world-famous pieces within. In the painting gallery „Alte Meister“ („Old Masters“), visitors are attracted by the Sistine Madonna – the well-known painting by Rafael. There is also a section with Chinese, Japanese and Meissen porcelain. And don’t forget to check the “Mathematics – Physics Parlour” with a wide range of historical devices The central point of the German Hygiene Museum is the scientific exhibition „Adventure Man“. It is dedicated to the thermal field of the body and health. You will find these many exhibits, media installations and interactive stations, providing you with a very interesting and compelling history lesson. Bear in mind, it’s one of the most signficant history museums in Europe: The Museum of Military History shows you the time from 1300 until today on the example of 10 000 mobile exhibits.