Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Walking Paradise

You’ll find the Sandstone Mountains to the east from the Dresden city.

It’s a place full of long wandering routes and climbing possibilities. Furthermore, interesting monuments conquer your soul right away. If you are fond of nature, you should pay special attention to the national park “Saxon Switzerland” with a rich world of fauna and flora. Our hotel is located merely 30 minutes away from the Sandstone Mountains. We especially recommend the route along the Elbe river, perfect for biking. You’ll not only indulge in the beauty of nature but also enrich your knowledge!

The elbe bike tour

Take advantage of the location our hotel has to offer and start your bike trip to the Saxon Switzerland here, in Pillnitz. The asphalt roads will lead you directly to the routes along the Elbe banks. And while biking, you’ll have the uinique opportunity to admire the following attractions: When going from Pillnitz to Dresden, you’ll see the Castle and Park as well as the three Elbe castles, apart from that also the Augustus Bridge with the beautiful panorama of the Elbe and the Dresden city centre. The Elbe route will lead you from Pillnitz to the Saxon Switzerland, but you can also cross the German border if you wish. Then you could take a break in the famous Rathen Health Resort or Königstein, full of marvellous attractions.

The keep

This sandstone bridge built in 1851 is well-known all the world around and serves quite often as a background for art pieces. If you visit the Saxon Switzerland, you just can’t miss the panorama stretching from the fortress, Being there, explore also the Neurathen Castle, located right at the fortress, This natural stone fortress comes from the middle of the 14th century and was built by Bohemian knights. It’s a very interesting lesson of history.

Fortress Königstein

The fortress Königstein is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. It’s located amidst the Sandstone Mountains on the Table Mountain bearing the same name, above the town Königstein, on the left bank of the Elbe river. Come and enjoy exploring more than 50 buildings and green spaces in this majestic region, full of the former royal charm and splendour. Find out lots about the lot of the old fortress and the life of people who once resided here.