Dresden & Surrounding Area

The Holidays of your dreams

City Centre Close enough

The Schloss Hotel is located barely 9 km from the centre of Dresden, an incredible city bursting with attractions. You’ll get there easily by bus or train, or even by ferry on the Elbe. Choose the last option and enjoy these fabulous views of the summer palace emerging from the river waves.

City of Artists

There’s no other city like Dresden, equal with its beauty and finesse to this precious pearl of art and power.

It was home to a world-known poet, philosophe, and historian Friedrich Schiller as well as a great composer Richard Wagner. During summer time Dresden belonged to the favourite places on earth for the Saxon king, Frederick Augustus I, who made it one of the European capitals of culture.

Schloss Pillnitz

The German say: “Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah?” which means: „Why should you travel to distant lands, if you have what’s good right at your feet? “

And they are right. The Schloss Hotel is located in a beautiful baroque complex of the Pillnitz palace right by the river Elbe. That’s an absolute must-see during your visit to the city of Dresden – check it out!

For Art Lovers

The castle hotel offers all of the guests a constant access to a whole palette of cultural attractions, organised either by the hotel itself or its local partners. You will surely find something for you – you may choose from among as many as 20 various ideas. And you can’t miss it, oh no! However, if you are still culture-hungry, we can also provide you with tickets to the opera, Frauenkirche or anything you want.

Worth your visit

Dresden is a synonym for the words culture and history. Don’t forget to visit the following places:

  • The Opera House called Semperoper, located in the city centre
  • The Royal Winery in Pillnitz and the church Weinbergskirche in the district of Trachenberge as well as the touristic Wine Route called Sächsische Weinstrasse.
  • the city centre with the Frauenkirche
  • late Baroque palace and museum complex of Zwinger in the city of Dresden