Beer Garden

Summer in the Biergarten

Summer begins when the first rays of sun start lighting the sky and you can hear the voices coming from the beer garden, situated in the very centre of the castle park.

Shielded from one side with the old walls of the castle tavern and offering an extensive view of the castle, the place is your sweetest temptation, seducing you to stop for a while and relax in the shadow of lime trees.

Traditional calls the shots

Beer is the oldest and most consumed alcoholic drink of all times, mentioned first in the 8th century. The Radeberger Pilsner or Eilbauer ale shall fill you with new energy

The tradition of drinking this alcohol commonly cultivated throughout the country and behind its borders until the present day. Every year on 23rd April we celebrate the Day of Beer here in Germany.

Relaxation and Refreshment

All the amateurs of beer will fall for our Biergarten right from the very first sip of this refreshing drink.

The picturesque location, a beautiful view of the castle and the soothing shadow of the trees provide ideal conditions for tasting the golden drink.

Here you can try the fresh and light Eibauer Schwarzbier directly from the barrel or a refreshing Radeberg Pilsner, and if it should still be too hot around, you can take a refreshing stroll along the river.

Opening Hours

Our beer garden directly at the Schlosshotel Dresden-Pillnitz is open daily in fine weather from May to October from about 10:00 am. As a rule, Tuesday is a day off.

However, the beer garden is open on Thursday, 03 October and closed on Friday, 04 October.