Summer Residence of the Kings

Summer Residence of the Kings

Indulge in the unique location of our hotel and discoer all the highlights of Pillnitz.

Enjoy the unique location of our hotel
and explore Pillnitz with its matchless highlights.

Pillnitz Castle & Park

This proud and beautiful castle – serving as the summer residence of the Saxon kings, including the famous Augustus the Strong – was once full of weddings and other celebrations. Now, the Mountain and Water Palais hide unique art collections within, they’re no longer palaces, of course, but since the 20th century, these are museums you can admire any time you wish. The castle park, being a part of them, is one of the most enchanting oases of peace for the citizens of Dresden as well as guests from all over the world.

So, if you and your family love art and you’re most eager to see this sophisticated architecture or you are passionately in love with gardening, come here, you won’t regret it. And from middle February until middle March, there’s another highlight for you to admire, namely the 400-year-old camellia, growing in the castle gardens.

Royal Pillnitz Vineyard

Enjoy the natural surroundings while walking along the royal vineyard and try the delicious wines. The sandstones, hidden behind the mountain, are literally seducing you to have a walk here and go up to the mill.

Your must-sees here are – apart from the well-known church, also artificial ruins of the sandstone mill and the Drachenburg Castle.

Carl-Maria von Weber Museum

For Carl Maria von Weber (born 1786, died 1826), the time he spent in Pillnitz was the gem of his life. He hosted the greatest personalities of his era in this palace – as for example the singer W. Schröder-Devrient and the composer J.N. Hummel. After the death of the composer’s great-granddaughter in 1956, the artist’s legacy was opened to the public. Thus, now you can admire the former home of the family von Weber. Bear in mind, it is in truth the only museum in the world, dedicated to the work and life of Carl Maria von Weber. These stylish halls, enriched with various exhibitions and other special attractions, are available to the visitors from Wednesday until Sunday.

A tip: In the summer, don’t forget to attend the impressive garden concerts!