where tradition meets modernity

Kamin Restaurant with a fireplace

Caressed by the soft piano notes, filling the air over our terrace with the sweetness of heart, the Baroque Royal Palace gets glossy in the warm sunset, pampering you with wonderful dishes prepared with fresh ingredients… It is hard to imagine a more romantic place than the Kamin Restaurant, located barely 10 km from the Dresden city centre. Historical surroundings, romance in the air, splendid cuisine – we have everything you need.

Green Chefs

Every evening our outstanding chef Henrik Groß serves traditional German dishes for you. The Schloss Hotel is a member of the Green Chefs Group, which is reflected in the ecological approach to cooking. In our restaurant we use regional specialities from local suppliers. As the final crowning, we also serve you the most refined wines by Klaus Zimmerling.

Essen Schlosshotel Pillnitz Bild 1 Zitat

Actually, we were searching a nice hotel for a 2-day stay in Dresden where we took part in an exhibition. What we found here were a truly marvellous cuisine and perfect service. The cuisine served in this restaurant is not only visually attractive but also really delicious. And it’s not the case in every single restaurant, won’t you agree? We were really happy with the choice we made!

11 November 2016 - Berk. // Tripadvisor

Essen Schlosshotel Pillnitz Bild 2 Zitat

Both menus were delicious and the service was impeccable in every single aspect. And the panorama od the Pillnitz Castle makes it even better. Truly recommendable!

28.08.2016 – Jörg S. // Quandoo

Essen Schlosshotel Pillnitz Bild 5 Zitat

Everyone of our 12-person group was sincerely impressed and loved the splendid cuisine right from the start. The choice of dishes sooo rich that you have real trouble in finding the one for you. And the service? All the other restaurants should learn from them how to treat guests properly!

26 May 2015 – ktreppschuh // Tripadvisor

Essen Schlosshotel Pillnitz Bild 3 Zitat

We still remember that sunny afternoon on the terrace of the castle inn. The dishes were really one of the kind, delicious! The crème brûlée made of blue cheese with apple chutney was a true highlight of the day, however, all the other dishes were very tasty as well. The service is impeccable, very helpful and cautious, even if the inn is full.

3 May 2015 – antares95 // Tripadvisor

Essen Schlosshotel Pillnitz Bild 4 Zitat

The food was very good, the staff were friendly and helpful, the prices attractive and there is nothig to whine about.

5 February 2015 – marianne1212 // Tripadvisor

Beauty of the place

Now you can try delicious cuisine in one of the most beautiful places of Europe – in the Schloss Pillnitz on the river Elbe.

In the magical Pillnitz castle, just 9 km from the centre of Dresden a unique atmosphere writes a fairy-tale to remember. Romantic atmosphere, classical interiors with history in the background and great dishes with a soul – these experiences are absolutely one of the kind – only here, only now.


Gourmet Evening with Adriane Moll on 7 April 2017

Enjoy the 4-course evening menu with properly chosen wines. Your guide during this unique journey will be the Pfalz vineyard owner: Adriane Moll – a mistress of this art. For every dish, we will serve you two wines to taste. The total price is 70,00 euro per person (including wines). Phone booking: +49 (0351) 26140

Opening Hours

Wednesday – Saturday: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
January – February: restaurant available only to participants of closed events.
May – October: Business-Lunch 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Please call: +49 0351-26140